Our Finca:

Its Microclimate and Ecosystem



Finca La Alondra belongs to the coffee region of Montecillos.

It is located in the municipality of Lepaterique, 30 km from the capital of Honduras. La Alondra is an 80-acre estate with 30 acres dedicated to coffee. 

La Alondra is located at an altitude of 1,700 to 1,800 metres  above sea level and receives between 2000 and 2500 mm of rainfall per year. The temperature varies between 18 and 22 degrees celsius throughout the year.

Human Ecosystem

It employs a staff of 8 full-time, and a staff of 40-60 people during harvest time. La Alondra is therefore one of the most important sources of employment in the region. La Alondra participates in the fight against school dropouts in the region by distributing school supplies and encouraging local talent to pursue their studies.

Natural Ecosystem

La Alondra also participates in the conservation of biodiversity in the region. In order to protect the Venado Cola Blanca, hunting is forbidden on the farm’s grounds all year round. In order to recover the flora from el gorgojo (weevils), we have planted 500 cedars and we have 3000 more in our greenhouses.



Our Legacy:

 As Coffee Producers in Honduras

A Family with more than 100 years growing coffee

Léon Giron, our great grandfather began cultivating coffee in 1910 in Lempira, the border between Honduras and El Salvador.


Our grandfather, Octavio Giron, retook this practice and established a farm in Gualcinse, Lempira. That was the first La Alondra farm. Our parents grew up in La Alondra, and we grew up listening to the stories of their childhood.


Our grandfather’s children continued cultivating coffee in other regions of Honduras. Hernan Giron, the third child of a family of 20, established a farm in the region of Lepaterique, 30 km from Tegucigalpa, in 1998. And as a tribute to the farm he grew up in, he baptised it La Alondra.

15 years as Specialty Coffee Producers in Finca La Alondra

For fifteen years, Miguel Octavio Girón, agricultural engineer, has been running La Alondra in Lepaterique. He wishes to pursue his learning of the art and science of specialty coffees. This is why he experiments with the land and different varieties and processes of harvesting coffee. His will to learn is what allows to improve our coffee from harvest to harvest. 


“There is nothing better than a friend,

  unless it is a friend with a cup of coffee.” 

Our Specialty Coffee in a few words


Caturra, Yellow Catuai and Villa Sarchi


Washed, Honey Process, Anaerobic Fermentation, Natural Fermentation

Coffee Harvest

Between February and April


Chocolate, caramel, berries


Citrics, berries, peach and honey





85-87, SCAA, SHG

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